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May 2014Borussia's biggest fan!

05. May 2014 - In cooperation with Orten Fahrzeugbau Company from Bernkastel-Kues Borussia's biggest trailer has arisen during the past months.

With a length of round about 43 feet, a height of 11,5 feet and an overall weight of 11 tons the Fan truck lives up to its name. Borussia is the third German Bundesliga club that is on the way with such a wheeler.

About half a year a team of five employees of Orten Fahrzeugbau Company worked on conception, realization and the many fine details of the trucks lorry. The MAN-tractor unit has an output of 117 hp and can be driven with a driver´s license category B. With an overall weight of 26433,5 lb the large green eye catcher is moreover toll free.

The lorry is divided in a generous salesroom and stowage and storage room. Built out of fully isolated sandwich construction design, the manufactured superstructure of the truck provides apart from smooth-surfaced exterior wall texture very good thermal insulation values for the interior - so the truck can be used optimally in all weathers.

When used in cases in which AC power isn't available, the articulated fan truck is completely self-sufficient as well:
A 6 kW generator caters for steadily sufficing and independent internal power supply. The three cash tills in the 19.7-feet-long salesroom run over a LTE UMTS internet access.

Thus they are connected to the stock of merchandise in Mönchengladbach directly. In this way a real time inventory is guaranteed. Due to the articulated truck's flocking machine, fan shirts with the name of the favorite may be produced everywhere.

The media technology and the content management system is conceptually planned and accomplished by us, the mdt Medientechnik GmbH. In order that no Borussia fan is missing out on any second of the match, we installed a 75-inch full HD screen outdoors at articulated truck and inside two 32-inch screens, from which everything can be followed up by the fans

Beyond the live broadcast, the monitor systems are used for information and actual merchandising offers. For perfect and professional administration and replaying of the content, these PC systems are connected to our "Hotoffer"-content management system. In this way, an optimal application of hardware associated with mdt´s centrally controlled Digital Signage software tool is guaranteed. This ensures permanent fan experiences even outside the stadium.

For the association, the truck shall become as well a contact point for the community of fans. So Thomas Korr, head of merchandising for Borussia, completes: "With the new fan-truck we will be especially at away games, but also at other events where it will be in action, simply even closer to the fan".

source et al.:
press release: BoxID 653057 Orten Fahrzeugbau GmbH& Co. KG, Borussia News 22.01.2014

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Created: 05.05.2014

May 2014Hotoffer update enables representation in any view

Add vertical layout..
1st. May 2014 - This function allows to display a screen either horizontally or vertically. Clicking the button provides a vertical layout for the currently selected screen..

The horizontal screen is thereby stored with all previously made editings.

All screen elements, which are used in the horizontal layout, are provided in the vertical layout for a vertical rearrangement.


DS-Software: Multi Medien Manager | Hotoffer - Creative CMS-Editor | Screen Editor

Created: 05.05.2014

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